Bf3 How To Get M1911 S-Tac Assignment Discovery

This tutorial will teach you how to obtain the M1911 pistol with a flashlight and a suppressor both equipped in Battlefield 3; in my opinion, one of the best secondary weapons in the game. (This guide is assuming you have brought or ‘obtained’ the Endgame DLC or Premium. Without the Endgame DLC, the assignments to unlock this weapon stay hidden.)

Unlocking the M1911 S-TAC pistol in Battlefield 3 can be quite confusing, mainly because there is one assignment to obtain the M1911, and four other dog-tag assignments that lead up to it. Don’t bother going for the assignments before unlocking them: they won’t count. Each of the assignments apart from the last all unlock dog tags that can be equipped! The assignments, with a small guide on each one, are:

THe M1911 S-TAC has both a suppressor and a flashlight, making it the only pistol to have both

Scar Spangled Banner

–          Win a game of capture the flag

–          Capture 2 flags

–          Get 5 flag returns

–          Unlocks Scar Spangled Banner dog tag

Pretty simple, just join a few capture the flag games and play the objective. To capture a flag, get the enemy flag to your base, and to get a return, kill an enemy that has your flag and capture it like you would a territory in conquest. This shouldn’t take too long and is not much of a challenge unless you do not understand the game mode or do not play the objective.

Defender of the earth

–          Destroy 5 air vehicles in the anti-air jeeps

–          Unlocks ‘fly swatter’ dog tag

Spend a few minutes/hours staring in the sky with the AA jeeps and you should get this one fine. Just make sure you destroy the air vehicles: it doesn’t matter whether you get the kill or not, just make sure the vehicle cannot be repaired and you get the XP for destroying it. You can only use missiles and weaponry on the jeep in the second seat, so make sure you get there. It would help to not join a squad, so teammates don’t steal seat 2 / start driving around and ruining your aim. Also, in the AA jeeps, as well as heatseekers they also have rocket pods which, at the time of writing, are pretty powerful. Just press triangle and the crosshairs should change.

Fatal Drop

–          Get one infantry kill with an airdropped IFV

–          Destroy transport vehicle kill with an airdropped IFV

–          Destroy one IFV with an airdropped IFV

–          Unlocks ‘look up’ dog tag

This one can be a real pain if you are weak in ground vehicles or  the enemy IFV is not being used. The easiest way to get this is to capture the territory that gets your team the dropship (usually somewhere in the middle of the map, has a symbol next to it) and wait for a while to spawn in the ‘paradrop IFV’. It does not matter if the IFV is a LAV or a BMP, they both count. Make sure you get there quickly, so nobody else has a chance to get in the driver’s seat, which is the only one that can destroy other IFVs. Now you get a pretty awesome animation of you parachuting down in a light tank. Just play as you normally would when you land, but make sure you always make the most of enemy IFVs when they come, or you see them on your radar, and make sure they get destroyed. It is possible to spawn camp the enemy and just shoot their LAV when somebody gets in it, but staying still makes you an easy target for just about anything so I like to keep moving. Having a maxed out IFV with upgrades helps a lot. This one can by irritating and frustrating, but shouldn’t be too bad if you are handy in an IFV.

This assignment unlocks:

–          Destroy 20 vehicles

–          Get one dirt bike roadkill

–          Unlocks ‘road warrior’ dog tag

The roadkill may look scary, but it’s easier than it sounds from my experience: I got a triple kill with roadkills while going through this one. I just drove around in capture the flag, watching out for mines and driving full pelt at infantry when I saw them. Destroying 20 vehicles is very easy; I found the quickest way to be to launch up an Air Superiority game, as every kill you can get has to be a destroy. If you are weak in jets or just can’t stand the mode, I guess you could just continue playing as you normally would, maybe with extra use of mines and C4.

All about Precision

–          Get 20 headshots with pistols

–          Unlocks S-TAC dog tag and M91 S-TAC pistol

This is the last assignment, and it unlocks the M191 S-TAC. It is also very easy, which is nice: just start a TDM and aim for the head with any pistol you wish. I got it in one game. Once the assignment is completed, check your secondary list. The M1911 S-TAC should be there! This one unlocks a pretty nice dog tag too, like he others.

Please comment, reblog or whatever it is you people do if this helped you in any way or if you have any questions. Good luck on the Battlefield!

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DICE spills everything you need to know about Battlefield 3’s upcoming and final expansion, End Game.

Most importantly, when does it release? According to the Battlefield 3 Blog, users can expect to download End Game on the following days:

PS3 Premium members

March 5th

X360 and PC Premium members

March 12th

PS3 players

March 19th

X360 and PC players

March 26th

Along with four new maps, three new vehicles and two new game modes (Capture the Flag and Air Superiority), End Game will also pack in a brand new set of medals, ribbons, achievements/trophies, assignments and dog tags.

Most interestingly, DICE is finally giving us a crack at unlocking the elusive M1911 S-Tac pistol.

Check out all the details below and be sure to tell us what has you most excited in the comments!


1. Capture the Flag Medal

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

2. Air Superiority Medal

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times


1. Capture the Flag Ribbon

Play Capture the Flag once

2. Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Capture the Flag

3. Air Superiority Ribbon

Play Air Superiority once

4. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Air Superiority


1. It’s no Sidecar (Silver/30G)

Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

2. Heavy Lifter (Bronze/20G)

Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV

3. Capture the Flag (Bronze/20G)

Capture 1 flag while playing Capture the Flag

4. Transport Pilot (Silver/30G)

Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag

5. AA’s Revenge (Bronze/20G)

Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps (20G)


1. Defender of the Earth

Destroy 5 air vehicles using the AA jeeps
Reward: Fly Swatter dog tag

2. Scar Spangled Banner

Return 5 flags in CTF
Capture 2 flags in CTF
Win 1 round of CTF
Reward: Standard Bearer dog tag

3: Fatal Drop

From an airdropped IFV, get the following kills
Enemy soldier
Enemy transport vehicle
Enemy IFV
Reward: Look up dog tag

4: Road Warrior

Requires the following Assignments to be completed:
Defender of the Earth and Scar Spangled Banner and Fatal Drop
Destroy 20 vehicles
Get a road kill with the dirt bike
Rewards: Road Warrior dog tag
Unlocks “All About Precision” Assignment

5: All About Precision

Requires the following Assignment to be completed:
Road Killing
Score 20 headshots with pistols
Rewards: S-TAC pistol and S-TAC Dog Tag


1. Pancakes

Earned if the player falls over 200 metres and dies from the impact
Displays the number of deaths on the dog tag

2. Motorcross

Do 50 jumps with the dirt bike
Get 10 kills while on the dirt bike
Displays number of kills from bike

3. Elite Flag Runner

Capture 50 flags in Capture the Flag game mode
Displays number of flag captures on it

4. Capture the Flag Medal Dog Tag

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

5. Air Superiority Medal Dog Tag

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times

6. Capture The Flag Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Capture the Flag 10 times

7. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Air Superiority 10 times

8. Capture the Flag Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Capture the Flag 10 times

9. Air Superiority Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Air Superiority 10 times

10. M1911 S-TAC Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 1

11. M1911 S-TAC Master Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 5

12. True Primary Weapon Master

Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class

13. True Handgun Master

Get 100 kills with handguns
Shows handgun kills

14. True Combat Efficiency

Obtain the Combat Efficiency Medal
Shows highest kill streak

15. Bomb Squad

Obtain 50 Anti Explosive Ribbons
Shows Anti Explosive Ribbons

16. Squad Wiper

Obtain 50 Squad Wipe Ribbons
Shows # of squad wipes


1. SCAR-L Specialist

Get 100 Kills with the SCAR-L
Capture the flag 3 times in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
SCAR-L Desert Stripe Camo
SCAR-L Digital Woodland Camo

2. G53 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the G53
Destroy 20 vehicles as Engineer
Camos unlocked:
G53 Navy Blue Digital Camo
G53 Woodland Stripe Camo

3. M39 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the M39
Kill 10 enemy flag carriers in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
M39 EMR Tactical Camo
M39 EMR Woodland Oak Camo

4. QBB-95 Specialist

Get 100 kills with the QBB-95
Get 50 ammo resupplies as Support
Camos unlocked:
QBB-95 Airman Camo
QBB-95 Berkut Camo

5. MK3A1 Specialist

Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Assault
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Engineer
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Recon
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Support
Camos unlocked:
MK3A1 Airman Camo
MK3A1 Woodland Oak Camo

Thanks, BattleChatter and Alex Green.

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