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Cover Letter Tips for Healthcare

Searching for employment may seem like a massive undertaking, but a few good choices can make finding jobs in Healthcare much easier. Here are a few tips to help guide you.
1. Take career assessments to bring clarity to your search by identifying your strengths, weaknesses and interests. It’s easier to move forward when you have an understanding of what you want to do and what you bring to the table.
2. Mentally prepare for your job search to take a while. You shouldn’t be pessimistic, but it’s psychologically helpful to acknowledge that looking for jobs in Healthcare may take longer than you initially expect. Understanding this reality from the start could help keep you going if your search begins to drag on.
3. Make good use of your networks. Rely on your colleagues, family and friends to help find good prospects. They may have access to valuable information or contacts that could shorten your path to gainful employment.
4. Follow up relentlessly. Unless you’re given a firm refusal, you should commit to checking the status of your application with a prospective employer every few days to a week. Show them your commitment and tenacity.
5. Make a daily or weekly schedule of your job search. Organizing your activities is important to the success of your efforts. It preserves your forward momentum and helps keep you from being overwhelmed by multiple applications.

Jason Richardson
109 May Street
Riversdale NSW 2001
T: (02) 9000 1111
M: 0400 333 888


Leanne Johns
Practice Manager
Sydney Community Health Centre
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Ms Johns

Re: Community Mental Health Worker

I am writing to apply for the position of Community Mental Health Worker, as advertised recently on

I am a qualified mental health worker, with six years of experience in providing community, counselling and rehabilitation services to clients and families dealing with mental health issues. I have a great commitment to providing the highest standard of quality care to individuals, families and communities, to contribute positive mental health services that improve clients’ quality of life.

I have completed both a Bachelor of Social Work and a Diploma of Counselling, and I am a member of the AASW and Australian Counselling Association.

I currently work within a multidisciplinary community mental health team. In my role as a mental health outreach worker, I work with clients and their families and carers to provide support, counselling, information and referral to people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. I manage a case load of eight long-term clients at any given time and am responsible for developing and providing home-based care plans, and working with mental health services, housing services, education services and other collaborative services to help clients achieve an optimal level of independence and opportunities for integrating into the community. I gain immense personal rewards from my work and often receive commendations from colleagues and clients’ carers for my creative and innovative approaches to providing support. For instance, I work with clients on keeping and reviewing a Goal Plan Diary – a journal that we fill in together to document goals, aspirations and ambitions, as well as strategies for achieving them.

Prior to my experience working with clients in an outreach setting, I gained invaluable experience working with outpatients as a hospital social worker. I assisted clients to maintain their treatment regimes, monitored their mental health and safety, and collaborated with psychiatrists and nurses to adjust safety and wellness interventions in response to changes in mental health.

My career experiences have given me a deep understanding of mental health issues and their impact on clients and families. I am passionate about contributing my skills and knowledge to those in the Sydney community living with mental health issues.

My resume is attached and provides additional details of my professional experience and career achievements. Please call me at your convenience should you require additional details. I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Yours sincerely,

[sign here]

Jason Richardson

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