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Essay Pros and Cons of Abortion

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Pros and Cons of Abortion

Should a list of pros and cons of abortion really be necessary for Christians...or human beings for that matter? I mean, have we really reached a point where we cannot tell that abortion is murderous no matter how you color it or try to paint it as compassionate? Apparently so.

Thirty plus years after the infamous Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade and thirty one years after my own timely birth, I sit in awe at the ignorance of a great portion of society...their lack of understanding, their selfishness, and their brazen support of such a horrendous practice as abortion. I guess I should not be surprised that the unregenerate world can support abortion, but what shocks me most is that professing…show more content…

"*Legal abortion protects women's health. For tens of thousands of women with heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anemia and severe diabetes, and other illnesses that can be life-threatening, the availability of legal abortion has helped avert serious medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth. Before legal abortion, such women's choices were limited to dangerous illegal abortion or dangerous childbirth."

***My Assessment: O.K., I think it is fitting at the moment to emphasize that in a "successful" abortion, it is always a fatal procedure for the child. Also, much credible research indicates that the victims (children) do feel the excruciating pain of it all! To justify abortion as a "medical" procedure that saves (or potentially saves) one life by detroying the other is remeniscent of the gas chambers and concentration camps scatterwed across Europe durring WWII (after all they were just removing the callous of "non-humans" from our planet for us, right? Wrong again!). Iguess since we think we need a list of pros and cons of abortion, we should have been around to give Hitler and his cronies a list of pros and cons of genocide! This arguement is also rebutted by many scientific studies that the mainstream media and pro

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Essay on The Pros and Cons of Abortion in Today's Society

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Abortion is the medical procedure when it is induced on purpose to extract the fetus from the uterus. When abortion occurs without purpose, it is usually referred to as miscarriage; such instance causes psychological problems in a woman and affects her perception of the fetus. The number of moral and ethical considerations on the problem of abortions can be considered from a variety of perspectives that include economic, medical, social, and religious aspects of the phenomenon. Many case studies are based on the need to make a choice, especially when talking about professional duties of doctors and such medical practices, as Hippocratic Oath. The controversy occurs every time some people cannot accept the right of the woman to have an…show more content…

According to the findings by Mariotti (2012), the psychosocial and emotional components are an integral part of every woman’s pregnancy, and she can make decisions of whether to sustain life in her own uterus or end it (p. 269). At the same time, numerous studies have questioned the personhood of the fetus to provide well-evidenced approaches to evaluation of its social and legal status. Does a woman provide it with all necessary resources and substances like a donor? Does she have a right to extract it from her body in case she does not want to give it life, has some health care issues that put her and the baby at risk, or carries a fetus that was the result of a rape? All those questions are easier to ask than answer, but women should have the right to do with their body everything they want.
Medical Perspective
The medical considerations often rely on moral and ethical issues, but the health care problems that may occur with the woman or fetus should also be brought to discussion. For instance, some women may have mental problems that require administration of specific medications, which impair the fetus and jeopardize its future functioning and health. Another reason for induced abortions, even after the first trimester, may include fetal anomalies. As stated by Bryant, Grimes, Garrett, and

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