Writing A Five Page Essays

How to Write a Good 5-Page Essay

High school students are often asked to prepare an effective 5-page essay about a chosen topic. On the one hand, this assignment is very easy. On the other hand, novice high school students will have solid troubles with writing, because it is hard to complete a logical and informative paper of this kind if your experience is poor. If you want to learn something about 5-page essay writing, you are able to use our writing tips for your advantage.

Step One: Research Your Topic

The initial duty of every student is to research his topic carefully and collect information about it. One ought to look through several sources in order to understand his subject better. Moreover, when you read books, you learn something new about your topic. Consequently, you have wiser ideas and you know what you want to describe.

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Step Two: Prepare an Outline

It does not worth mentioning that you should plan the process of writing accurately. It is impossible to compose a successful 5-page essay if you do not arrange this process wisely. The best way to give a good start to your essay is to design a good outline. You are expected to mention every important section, thought provoking point and issue that you want to place into your essay. Remember that a good 5-page essay should consist of three parts – exposition, the main body and denouement.

Step Three: Write a Good Introduction

When you are going to write an introduction, you ought to know that your task is to attract reader’s attention and to clarify the topic and the main subject of your paper. You are able to prepare a good thesis statement in order to make your 5-page essay sound better. Try to make a precise thesis statement that will cover only one sentence. Your introduction should occupy no more than a half of a standard page.

Step Four: Write the Main Body

The main body is a bit longer part of your essay and it should occupy four pages. This section should be divided into paragraphs that describe your personal ideas about your subject. You will need to observe your problem from several sides in order to make it look like a real informative essay. Choose the best arguments to support your thoughts and devote a paragraph to every idea and argument. With the help of this approach, you will be able to create a concise and understandable text.

Step Five: Summarize Your Essay

When you are through with your main body, you are able to conclude your analysis and provide readers with the results of this brief research. Show the relevance of your subject with the help of a thought provoking catchy quotation. This final chapter of your 5-page essay should cover the last half of a page.

It often happens that students postpone doing some difficult assignments to the last day. A five-page essay is one of such assignments. Is it possible to write a decent five-page paper right before the deadline? The answer is positive, but to do this, you should follow the steps that are given below.

  • Concentrate on your work.
  • If you want to spend your day working on your paper, you should be focused on this. Cancel other plans or meetings. Tell your relatives or roommates that you shouldn’t be disturbed. Prepare everything you’ll need to write your paper. This whole process should take about fifteen minutes from you.

  • Compose your thesis statement.
  • Before you start writing your essay, it’s necessary to give it a proper direction. This should be done by creating a decent thesis statement. Take this task seriously, because you’ll have to connect your arguments to your thesis. You may spend up to an hour to compose a proper thesis statement.

  • Write a good introduction.
  • Basing on your thesis statement, you should write an introduction paragraph for your paper. Present your topic and try to grab the attention of your teacher and other readers to your paper. Finish your introduction with your thesis statement. This should take a half an hour or so.

  • Come up with your arguments.
  • The next step is to start brainstorming. Think about a few arguments with which you’ll be able to protect your thesis statement. Each time when a good idea comes to your mind, you should write it down. Spend at least thirty minutes on brainstorming.

  • Do your research.
  • Once your arguments are ready, you should start researching for something to support your arguments. It goes without saying that you’ll need the Internet for this. Look for facts that prove your arguments and opinions of experts who support similar ideas. This might take a couple of hours.

  • Write your essay.
  • Now it’s time to start writing. Use your arguments and information found during your research to convince your readers that your thesis statement is true. Don’t get distracted by some mistakes and just continue writing. This step might take from four to five hours from you.

  • Make a conclusion.
  • When the body is written, you should conclude your paper by restating your thesis and indicating the significance of your research. Spend thirty minutes to write a good conclusion.

  • Proofread.
  • Have a break and then check your essay for various mistakes. Delete or rewrite unconvincing sentences or paragraphs.

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