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Village fairs are very common in India. In almost all parts of the country fairs are held and thousands of people visit these fairs. They are held generally on the occasion of some religious festivals. The site of the fair is generally a sacred place. Many small fairs are held on various occasions.

Features of Village Fairs

The special features of the village fairs in India are that they fulfill the needs of the rural people. In almost each fair the cattle market is a necessary feature. In towns there are permanent markets. Hence, people do not feel the want of anything. They purchase their articles of daily need in the regular market.

But in villages many things are not found in the regular markets. Hence they have to depend for those things on the fair. The purchase and sale of cattle are the greatest towns visit the fairs.

Description of Village Fairs

In olden days, when there were no good roads connecting villages with towns and cities, these fairs were very useful. Now-a-days, the importance of village fairs has been very much reduced. Now the fair is more a diversion than a necessity. Now-a-days, fairs provide a change from the monotony of everyday life. People go there for sight-seeing and for enjoying the company of men.

In a Village fair, people come from parts to sell their various articles. Temporarily shops are erected. They are arranged in various rows. Generally, shops of one kind are arranged in one row. On one side there are shops of confectioners. On the other, there are shops of iron utensils. In a third row there are shops of steel trunks. Then there are shops of carpets, blankets, toys, shoes, books, wooden articles, utensils, handloom cloths, medicine, etc. Besides shops, there are hawkers who move about up and down the fair and sell their own little products. They sell flutes, paper-umbrellas and various other kinds of toys which especially attractive to the children.

In a fair, there is a very brisk activity everywhere. Purchase and sale of articles take place and there is almost always a great rush.

Utility of Village Fair

It often serves as a meeting place for people living far away from one another. People very often come across their friends and relatives living far away whom they had no chance of seeing otherwise. The fair is a great boon to the traders. The traders very easily dispose of defective articles in a fair. In the fair, besides shops, there are some side attractions. Theaters,magic shows, swings, drama parties, etc. provide a good deal of fun to the visitors.

The fairs in India has got one special utility. It is a good place for advertisement and propaganda. Since people from different places assemble at the fair, the news of any new product or invention spreads far and wide very easily.


The village fair is really a good thing because it provides diversion and amusement and promotes trade and industry.

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Every year, in the first week of May, soon after Holi, a big fair is held near our village. It is held in memory of a Hindu saint, who worked hard for the upliftment of the nearby villages. His Samadhi is just outside our village at a distance of about half a mile.

The preparation for the fair began a week or two earlier, under the guidance of Village Panchayat members. The whole place was swept clean and shrubs and bushes were removed. A temporary bazaar was set up and stalls were allotted to traders who displayed their wares for sale. These wares include items of public interest. On the appointed day villagers from far and near, flocked to the place to the fair called “Sadhu Mela”.

There was much dancing and merry making.  Drums were beaten and rustic songs were sung. People passed singly or in groups through the bazaar and enjoyed themselves. There were huge crowds in front of the toys shop and confectioner’s shop. At some places acrobats and rope dancers were showing their feats. At another place merry go-rounds were crowded with boys and girls, men and women. The jugglers and snake charmers also had a busy time. The snake charmer played on his flute pipe which was giving a melodious tune. Before his flute were dancing serpents. They seemed to be completely hypnotized by the sweet sound of the flute. Every bit of the fair has its own charm.

Village games like kabaddi, tug of war and wrestling were specially arranged. In wrestling, renowned wrestlers from the adjoining villages participated. It was interesting to see the tugging, pushing and grappling with each other. The winner was awarded with a prize of one thousand rupees. The most interesting event of the fair was the oxen race through a flooded rice field. The winner was awarded as brass shield and a cash prize of two thousand rupees. This year, it was won by our “Mahesh”.

In the evening the fair came to an end people were seen hurrying back to their homes with arms of full toys and sweets. Many people who had come to buy or sell cattle were joyful either reins of good breed of cattle with them or the bags full of money. This fair which is held every year reminds people with the happy memories of the saint. It also brings the people of the far-off villages together to foster harmony and unity among the villagers.

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