Figure 17 2 Ap Biology Essays

2.  The Hershey-Chase Experiment 


 More Support!

 3/1/18:  DNA Structure and it's Role in Heredity

Animations:  Semi Conservative Model

Ppt:  DNA Replication

Supportive Media Clips:  Discovery of the Double Helix 

Hw:  Review the videos and tutorials (listed above)  Take the time to solidify your understanding of this material

                      and use it toward building your own DNA molecule.  


Watch these two videos on DNA Replication to better understand leading, lagging, and okazaki fragments.

                 DNA Replication 

                 3D DNA Replication (in prokaryotes) 



1. Continue DNA Replication  

2. Polymerase Chain Reaction Virtual Lab.  How the basic principle of DNA replication is used to amplify DNA in vitro.  

When and why is PCR used? 

HW:  PCR Virtual Lab Vocab and Questions (posted on docs page)

Review DNA Replication and animation. 




Delayed Opening/No class

Revised Schedule Below


3/6/18:  PCR and PCR Modeling Activity

Gene Switches 


1. Read Ch 9.3 and complete the concept Qs 

2. Complete "Apply the Concept" experimental activity on p. 189.


3/7/18:  (Possible Snow Day)  if it is a snow day, here is your at home assignment:


1.  Bozeman's Transcription and Translation (take notes!)

2. View this tutorial on Protein Synthesis .

3.  Read Ch. 10.1 and do concept Qs. 

4. Work on your DNA model


Remember DNA models due Friday!    Partnerships are encouraged! 


3/8/18: Protein Synthesis Activity


3/9/18: Protein Synthesis Lab Activity

HW: Gene Control in Eukaryotes


1. Alternative Splicing  tutorial

2. View the video about Transcription Factors and Promoters (posted on Videos Page)

3. Read 10.5 and do concept Qs. 


3/12/18: Continue and Complete the Protein Synthesis Packet



3/13/18: Gene Control in Prokaryotes Lab

The Lac Operon


3/14/18:  Protein Synthesis and RNA Processing

Lecture and discussion








































3/7/17:  1. RNA Processing (continue ppt) 

             2. Translation and Protein processing

             3. Gene Control in Prokaryotes:  The Lac Operon Lab

                Hw:  a. Finish lab Qs if necessary (one per group)

                         b. Chapter 11.1 (Read, concept Qs AND Apply the Concept on p. 220) 







 3/8/17:  Eukaryotic Gene Control

              Epigenetic Virtual Lab    (complete questions on handout.  also posted on docs page)

              Hw:  Read Ch. 11. 2-11.4   Complete concept Qs for these sections


              Here is a possible thorough answer for 11.4 #3:  

3. You are studying the enzyme protease in germinating seeds. You find that protease activity increases tenfold after treatment of the seeds with a hormone, gibberellic acid. How would you show that this increase is due to:

a. release of a translational repressor by the hormone?

 Answer: Treat germinating seeds with the hormone or without the hormone (control). Gently isolate mRNA for protease from seeds from both treatments. Either look for a protein bound to the mRNA in the hormone-treated seeds, or look for polysomes (mRNA bound to multiple ribosomes) present in the controls but not in the hormone-treated seeds.



b. allosteric inhibition of a transcriptional repressor by the hormone?

 Answer: Isolate chromatin from the nuclei of untreated germinating seeds. Use nucleic acid hybridization to isolate the gene for protease with associated proteins. Identify a protein bound to the promoter region. Then treat the protein on DNA with the hormone and see if the protein detaches from the DNA.


3/9/17:  Epigenetics Review and Discussion

             Free Response Example Questions and Rubrics

            Hw:  Study for FRQ tomorrow.  I have also posted some Molecular Genetics practice test Qs on the docs page. This will NOT be

                      collected, but it's still a good study resource.  You will have a take home test this weekend! 


3/10:17: FRQ

           Hw:  1. Take home test on Molecular Genetics  (it is posted in case you were absent)

                    2.  Read Ch. 13.1 and complete Checkpoint Qs.


NOTE!  Period 1 will meet for a Double Period on Monday!! Plan accordingly.


3/13/17: Restriction Enzyme and DNA Fingerprinting Lab

              Using biotechnology to solve a crime!

                      a.  Modeling the use of restriction enzymes to prepare DNA fragments for electrophoresis

                      b.  Modeling gel electrophoresis

                      c.  Practice gels and pipeting! 

              Hw:  Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab.  Perform the activity.  Take notes as needed (you will be running a real gel in class).

                       (remember how restriction enzymes are used in preparation for gel electrophoresis) 


SNOW DAY PLANS IF NEEDED:  Look ahead at the homework videos and text questions.  Use your time to get ahead on these!

                   In addition, read the following articles that are relevant to our studies and to policy making:     (then go sledding!)


                   House Republicans Would Let Employers Demand Workers' Genetic Test Results from Scientific American 


                  Why it is Crucial to Get More Women into Science from National Geographic


                  EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Questions Basic Facts about Climate Change  from NPR   


3/14/17:  DNA Fingerprinting and Gel Electrophoresis

               Hw:  Genetic Engineering!  We will learn about several tools used in gene editing and making transgenic organisms!

                        This excellent video introduces you to the very first experiment in genetic engineering. Take notes!

                        This video will be a great resource to help you through Chapter 13. 


3/15/17: More gel electrophoresis work

              Hw:  Ch. 13.2, 13.3 and 13.4 read/Qs 


3/16/17: Making Paper Plasmids

              Modeling cloning techniques and making "protein factories." 

              Hw:  Bozeman's Bacterial Transformation and worksheet

                       We will be doing this lab next week! 



3/17/17:  Staining and reading gels

               Genetic Engineering and Plasmid Activity   (Be sure to finish the Qs for HW!!)

               Hw: CRISPR!   The newest genetic editing tool and how it will change the world.  Take notes (I do not have the handout ready).

                       TED Talk on CRISPR:  Meet the co-founder of CRISPR!   (no written work)

                       Bozeman's CRISPR video 

                       Radiolab's CRISPR Episode (the update):   Write a one page reflection.  After our unit on molecular genetics and this week's

                        work on biotechnology, you should have a lot to say! 


Re our discussion this morning: Here's an article on using DNA from 3 parents! 


(You might consider looking ahead to Monday's homework). 


3/20/17:  Bacterial Transformation Lab Prep

                   Bacteria populations can evolve in many ways!  Transformation is just one mechanism. Watch the video. 

                Hw:  Compare/Contrast Paper:  GMOs and the Environment

                          See the docs page for the assignment!!  Due Friday!!  


Today is the 1st day of Spring!  In honor of this, take a look at this virtual exhibit about Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

Pay close attention to the attitudes toward her and her scientific work...and the parallels that exist today about research on environmental

and public health.  Let's hope we don't have to be worried about "Silent Spring" (again).


3/21/17:  Can we "encourage" bacteria to take up DNA from a jellyfish?  Will the bacteria glow??

                Using the process of bacterial transformation to genetically engineer organisms.



3/22/17 : Transformation Results!


3/23/17:  FRQs


3/24/17:   Lights, Camera, Action Potential!  (Neurons)

                Hw:  1.  Bozeman's Nervous System (take notes)

                              Another excellent resource on action potentials to help your understanding.  Optional/recommended

                         2.   Complete "Your Brain on Drugs" (posted on docs page).   


PAARC Announcement!!!!


On 3/28, 3/29, and 3/30   (T, W, and Th)  I will be holding class beginning at 7:55 to 9:30.  We will be working on practice exams and practice FRQs. 



3/27/17:  Modeling Action Potentials

Hw:  Review the video tutorials AGAIN that were posted for the weekend.  Now that you've been through the

Action Potential activity, you should be better able to understand the information.  You MUST be able to label

and explain each part of the action potential graph! 


3/28/17:  Review and discussion of action potentials


3/29/17: No Post Parcc class scheduled

              I will only see you in the morning for review

              Hw:  Bozeman's Plant and Animal Defenses (Introduction to the Immune System!)

                       You received this handout in class on Tues.  Complete it.  If you were absent, it is posted on the docs page. 



3/30/17: No scheduled class time...only morning review session

              Hw: Watch the NOVA documentary "Evolutionary Arms Race" and complete the worksheet (copies in class and on docs page)    (Due Monday)


In the news!  FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Severe Multiple Sclerosis (NYT)   This article is timely and very good news. It doesn't

cover the science of how the drug works in detail though.  The original study is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  (I will try to get hold of it and post it)   This will segue our studies from the nervous system to the immune system.



3/31/17:  The Immune System

                Notes and discussion 

              Hw:  Begin Virus Project (posted on docs page)   Due Friday April 7th! 



Same Parcc morning schedule this week. 


4/3/17:  Immune System Modeling

               Humoral Response Tutorial  (also called Antibody Mediated Response) 

               Visually helpful tutorial on Humoral Immune Response 

               Cell Mediated Response Tutorial 


            Hw:  Cells of the Immune System Biointeractive   Excellent resource to use this week and with

                      your project!! (nothing collected)

                     Work on Virus project 


4/4/17:  Immune System Modeling Activity

             Hw:  Work on Virus project



4/5/17:  Immune System

           Hw:  Clonal Selection (excellent video!) 

Extra Credit:  Immune System Virtual Lab   (only available if all assignments are in!) 




                                       2.  NO MORNING SESSION THURSDAY 4/6


4/6/17:  Immune System Modeling


4/7/17:  Test on Immune System  



Announcement:  AP Full Practice Test (which will count as a test grade) is scheduled for Tuesday 4/18/17 and Wed 4/19/17.


Spring Break Hw:


 4/24/17:  Your Choice Review


4/25/17:  90 minutes quiet review session

               You can use this time to take another MC or FRQ Practice Exam

                Additional/new review materials also provided.

               No talking!


4/26/17:  90 minutes quiet review session (see above) 


4/27/17: Guinea Pig Bonanza


4/28/17: Free Choice Study


Click Here for Additional Helpful Tips as the Exam Approaches! 



5/1/17: 1. Biome Review

            2. Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Productivity Virtual Lab 

                (hand out posted on docs page and will also be given in class)


5/2/17:  Q & A session

              (finish virtual lab if necessary) 



 Turtle update for anyone checking in:  Franklin was still nesting, digging, and bearing down (releasing fluids but no eggs) on Friday.  I took her to the vet on Saturday and Xrays revealed she was stuffed with 10 eggs!!  She received an injection of oxytocin and I took her home and built a nesting box.   A few hours later she successfully laid all 10 eggs and is much happier now and eating like crazy! 


 5/8/17:  AP Biology Exam!

             Good luck to you all! You are at the finish line of this marathon and I am extremely proud of all of you!! 


5/9/17:  Debriefing


5/10/17:  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks   (the movie!) 

























































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