Biology And Psychology Reflection Essay

Reflection Paper The past semester in Educational Psychology 321, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to numerous theories, methods, and research findings in the field of adolescent development. Information that I have learned in previous courses generally coincided with the same information that was presented this semester. However, when learning about Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model this semester, the Chronosystem aspect of the model was new to me. Also, the biological development aspect of the course presented me with a lot more detailed information then I have learned previously. This semester, the areas of schools, work, leaisure, and mass media, intimacy, and sexuality are new areas of adolescent development that I have not been exposed to in previous courses. The information that was presented in this course was easily related to the experiences I had going through my adolescent development. When we learned about families, I was able to relate my parent’s parenting style to how I developed. They had a very authoritative parenting style. As I was going through adolescence, I did not agree with their opinions and rules a lot of times but over all I had great experiences and growth during adolescence. I remember times when I would behave certain ways to ‘rebel’ against me parent’s rules or do things because I


REFLECTION PAPER 2 Reflection Paper There are countless connections I can make between what I studied here in psychology and what I have learned in other classes here at Salt Lake Community College. For example, a couple classes that enhanced what I learned in this psychology course and vice-versa would be: economic 1600, communication 1010, and biology 1090. Back in the spring of 2017, I took this economics 1600 class; which was an introduction to economic system course. I figured out that economics is very similar to that of social  psychology. I remember learning that economics is about people and how they interact with each other, and generally must

answer three fundamental questions; “what are we going to produce, how are we going to produce it, and who is going to get what we produce”.

After taking this psychology course, I started to notice interesting connections between this course and economics 1600. I noticed that my economics course always emphasized the important concept that humans are social creatures that are driven by incentives. In psychology they go a little deeper, they not only tell you that humans are social creatures, but that we are so social in fact that the mere absence of social interaction can have severe physiological and

 psychological impacts on a person’s health.

I learned not only are humans driven by incentives, but that there are also different theories to as of how the whole process of motivation works with humans; such as classical and operant conditioning. There is also the part of how biological factors and cultural factors both influence and incentivizes us. Overall, I feel like I better understand economics through the research I have done in this psychology course.

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