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I’m back with more printables! 

This time, it’s printables to help you organise your classes/schedule, your assignments, revision and meals. For daily/weekly/monthly printables see my previous posts here and here. 

“Class information”/schedule printable: a simple table where you can fill in your semester, starting/ending date, finals date, classes you’re taking as well as what time/in which room/which professor. Below that, a table to fill in what textbook is suggested for each class. 

Find it here.

“Class information” for one specific class: a printable you can keep at the front of your binder/notebook filled in with all the basic information for that class. Including room/professor, assessment methods, materials and study methods. 

Find it here. 

“Assignment planner”: to help you keep all of your assignment information in one page. Includes spaces for the title, type, class, due date, worth, outline, sources and milestones. 

Find it here.

“Revision planner”: a weekly and hourly plan of your revision.

Find it here.

“Meal planner”: a weekly view with spaces for your breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a shopping list and notes section.

Find it here.

I hope you guys enjoy/use these! If you do, please let me know by tagging me. 

PS: Please do not redistribute these without credit. They took a lot of work to make.

Printables make the studyblr community more organized and of course there are so many resources! Here is a masterpost involving printables I have found and some I have used :)

  • studygeneprintables (note taking, to-do, weekly, and sticky notes)
  • theorganisedstudentprintables (daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, essay, and study planners)
  • Calendar printables  (you can customize the calendar with whatever dates you want including international, national, local, and your birthday events)
  •  Snapfish printables
  • I Heart Organizing printables (includes family printables for kids)
  • Brit-Co Free Printables  
  • Printable To-Do List (hundreds of printables!)
  • Printable Planners
  • High school and college assignment planner
  • PassionPlanner
  • elkstudiesschool supply list printable
  • hexaneandheelstime management quadrants printables
  •  studyinstivationprintables
  •  thehappinessplannerbucket list and habit changing printables
  • Printable Budget lists
  • College budget printable
  • kimberlystudies printables  (goal sheets, personal safety plan, weekly planner, 100 words high school students should know, today’s action plan)
  • study-wellprintables (to do lists, planners)


Those are the ones I have found and some I have used. I want to make sure there is a variety of printables available to the studyblr community. If you have printables, please inbox me your link so I can add you to the list!

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