Ar 15 Scope Mount Comparison Essay

The Burris PEPR Scope Mount for the AR-15 is one of the most popular, affordable, and robust mounting systems out there.  I run it on my competition AR combined with a TAC30 and below we’ll go over installing its big brother, the Burris MTAC.

Not sure what scope and mount combo yet?  Check out our Best AR-15 Scopes & Optics article first.

What You’ll Need

There’s a few necessary items to installing a new scope mount but also a couple of really nice-to-haves that will make installing easier, more accurate, and create a more robust system.

Necessary Items

You Should Get These

  • Wheeler Accurizing Torque Wrench ($40): This let’s you adjust the torque of the screws to make sure they are the correct amount and more importantly, that they are the same for each for a more consistent mount.
  • Blue Loctite ($6): This threadlocker strength will prevent the loosening of your screws due to recoil vibrations.

Nice to Haves

  • Wheeler Scope Leveling Tool ($16): If you don’t already have a bubble level, this two level system attaches to both the rifle and scope to take care of everything at once.
  • Wheeler Professional Reticle Leveling System ($40): When you want the professional option in mounting your scope.  Consider this for a high magnification or more expensive scope.
  • Magnetic Boresighter ($30): Helps you get your scope on target before finalizing at the range.
  • Gun Rest ($70): Helps keep your AR-15 upper steady and will also help later on when you zero your scope.  Not super necessary and you can get by with a bipod or a bunch of boxes/books.

How to Install the Burris PEPR Scope Mount

The name of the game is to get the horizontal and vertical axes of the scope to match up with the gun and also minimize inconsistencies in the torque of the screws.

  • Take apart your AR-15 and keep the upper
  • Position it with a gun rest or something else so it sits securely
  • Loosen the base of the PEPR Mount and lightly screw it to the Picatinny rails on top of the upper receiver with the offset facing the front of the barrel.  Don’t worry about exact placement since we’ll be moving it back and forth later.
  • Clean your scope and rings to make sure there’s nothing that will scratch your scope.
  • Put the scope on the bottom mounts (thinner tube facing the front) and choose the top half of the rings.  Unless you plan on putting another sight such as a red dot on top of your scope, go with the smooth rings for some snag and weight reduction.
  • Screw in the four corner screws lightly for each ring.  Make sure you can move the scope back and forth and rotate.  Also make sure to have some space between the scope rings and the middle of the scope which starts to round.  For example, A below is probably the closest I would want my rings to the center.
  • You might notice that gap between the rings will be slightly different…I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are super OCD and just want them to look the same.  If so, you can adjust them right now.
  • Now we’ll make finer adjustments to the scope placement for eye relief and possible backup iron sights (BUIS).  You can choose to move the entire mount+scope forward or backwards on the upper receiver rails.  And also to move the scope in the rings.  Use the same butt stock length you always use, and get a proper cheek weld when testing.  Yes, you’re going to have to attach the lower right now.
  • I found mine was too rearward initially and fine-tuned everything until I saw a full-sized sight picture through the scope with my regular cheek weld (and could use my BUIS).  I then take the mount off and add some of the Loctite to the large screws.
  • I like to push forward on the mount while I secure the two ring base screws to the prescribed 65-100 inch-lbs first using just my hand and then using the torque wrench.  This takes away any space that could cause the mount to move during recoil.
  • If you have the two level Wheeler System, you can skip these next few steps.
  • Find a thin target about 25 yards away that is completely vertical.  I’m using the wire of my wind chime.
  • Place the bubble level on the scope until the middle one is level, set the scope to the max, and look at your target.
  • You want the level to always be centered while the vertical axis of the scope matches with the vertical target.  It will take a couple tries of adjusting your scope and your rifle placement.  Apologies for the bad 4x picture.
  • If you do have the two level system, you don’t even need a target and can do everything in the comfort of your own home.  Just place one level on top of your scope and one level on the Picatinny base of your AR-15.  Once they are aligned…you are done!
  • No matter what bubble system, once the scope is level you want to start securing the screws.  My preference for the PEPR since it has 6 screws, is to put the two remaining middle screws in on both rings with a little bit of Loctite.  I set my Wheeler Torque Wrench to the recommended 20 lbs and screw those in.
  • Then I finish it off with Loctite and an alternating corner method for the remaining four screws on each side.
  • Do a final test of the leveling bubbles to make sure nothing shifted during the tightening.
  • I recommend bore-sighting before heading out to the range so you can at least get “on paper” accurate before final adjustments.  You can use the recommended magnetic boresighter or just look down the barrel from where the bolt carrier group (BCG) normally is at a target and adjust your scope until it reasonably meets the target.
  • Wait a day for the Loctite to cure and you’re ready to shoot and zero at the range!


There’s a couple ways of installing your PEPR scope mount for the AR, but even if you only have one bubble level, you’ll do fine.  How did your installation go?


The AR 15 has been a darling rifle for enthusiastic hunters and shooters for the past five decades. Within the period, there have been perplexing arrays of configurations with the most current being the flat-top version.

This serves as a replacement for the traditional carry-handle models. The new configuration features a Pic-railed upper receiver to accept various mounting arrangements for optics and sights.

As such, many AR 15 owners are confused as to which is the best scope mounts for their firearms. Since this firearm is optimized for using optics, many companies have ventured into producing such mounts thus saturating the market.

If you are confused about this, you will definitely benefit from our reviews of the top 8 best scope mounts for AR 15 along with a beneficial buying guide.

Our Top 8 Picks Best Scope Mounts for AR 15

American Defense AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic Mount

Proudly made in the United States, The AD-RECON STD Rifle Optic Mount is worth investing in. The quick detach is specifically designed for putting high power glass onto a flat-top firearm.

American Defense Manufacturing precision machined the mount from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum and finished it in hard-coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize. These are hallmarks of strength and durability with ensuring the scope mount is lightweight.


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The mount features an ingenious cantilever that throws the rifle scope out front thereby giving you the right eye forgiveness.

Actually, you can configure the lever to lock to the rear or front.  You will also like the Patented QD Auto Lock Lever system designed to accommodate both in-spec and out-spec rail systems. The superior clamping surface ensures optimal rail engagement.

The good thing about this quick-detach AR 15 scope mount is that you won’t require any tools for adjustment. You can simply adjust it with a flat blade screwdriver or just by the use of your finger. The ring design of the mount is also unique to this ADM.

However, the initial set up of ring style mounts can be a little bit challenging. While it can be a cause for concern, once you get it right for the first time everything will work just fine.

Burris 410341 AR PEPR 30-mm Scope Mount (Black)

For a budget AR 15 scope mount, the Burris 410341 AR PEPR is an excellent choice. Although its country of origin is China, that’s not a reason to doubt its quality which speaks for itself.

It features up to 6 screws per ring to keep a strong and balanced grip on your scope to provide you with steady focus. The mount uses half-inch hex nuts to secure to your AR 15 Picatinny rail at very high torque value and thus ensure no chance of slippage during use.

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At the top part of each ring, you will find small but nifty 3-row Picatinny strip to be used alongside an auxiliary item such as a red dot. However, this feature is seldom used by hunters and shooters.

The mount is available in three sizes to choose from 1-Inch, 30mm as well as 34 mm. This means you can have the scope mount on guns of different sizes. Such versatility and flexibility are admirable. It also means you can hold zero comfortably across many options.

This highly affordable scope will save your pocket but it is the best choice for beginners as well as shooters who spend most of their time at the range and not the field because of its somewhat bulky weight (12 ounces or 340 grams). At less than $100, this unit will give you value for your investment.

CCOP MNT-1516 High Profile AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope Mount

Even more affordable than the Burris 410341 reviewed previously, the CCOP MNT-1516 fits the description of a low cost, high-profile to fit even the most oversized scopes and generous 30mm rings to enable you to take advantage of the various famous AR 15 scopes currently in the market.

It is crafted from rugged, durable and lightweight T6061 aluminum alloy that will handle strong recoil and deliver impressive performance.

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The dirty cheap price range is not a result of poor quality but the latest mass production technology that lets customers save money.

Despite this, the scope is rigorously field-tested to ensure it passes and even exceeds professional expectations. If it were not for its high performance and strong construction, the scope mount could not have maintained its influence in the market.

The drawback of the CCOP MNT-1516 High Profile AR-ArmourTac is its weight. Although aluminum is lightweight as a construction material its use in this scope mount results in weight higher than that on more expensive models.

However, this AR 15 scope mount still holds riflescope securely as long as the screws you use are of high quality. This may require you to replace the standard screws that come with the unit with upgraded ones.

Warne Scope Mounts Gen 2 Extended Skeletonized 30 mm AR Mount, Black

The Warne Scopes Mounts second generation SKEL 30mm AR Mount, the XSKEL is an excellent quality scope mount for AR 15. This great mount is constructed from rugged, lightweight and skeletonized aluminum with no chance of giving in to heavy use that AR 15’s are designed for.

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The caps too are made from similar quality aluminum to keep the overall weight of the machine low without compromising on quality.

The scope mount weighs just 8.8 pounds. It offers additional 1 inch of the forward cantilever, as well as single-piece clamp design responsible for additional strength and durability. The XSKE’s #8 Torx style fasteners featuring steel-threaded inserts are cleverly designed to minimize stripping.

The unit’s cantilever features a forward design to provide better eye-relief. Furthermore, it places your optics at the optimal height for Modular Sniper Rifle including the AR 15.

In other words, it will accept a bewildering array of eyepieces found in the various scopes in today’s market. The mount maintains a return to zero capability and is designed to use ½-inch hex nuts for study attachment.

Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount for 1 Inch Tube

Made in the US, the Nikon P-series scope mount is undoubtedly an incredible accessory to buy for your AR 15 rifle. The mount is perfectly engineered to uphold the accuracy, accuracy as well as the elegance of each Nikon riflescope but it is also versatile enough to be used with the same performance attributes in other models.

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The P-series mount enables you to obtain proper height and forward position for the right eye relief as well changing handle access.

The mount is made specifically for the most famous single-inch scope tubes. However, it is also reversible for the ultra-compact riflescope model. Like all high great quality scope mounts, this unit features rugged aluminum alloy construction which gives it high levels of strength and durability and therefore long-lasting service.

It is unbelievable that such high-quality AR 15 scope mount could be so affordable.

Since the rings are separate, the mount offers users high levels of flexibility. You can move that as you deem necessary for clearance as you work around turrets, charging handle and a forward assist.

It is wonderful that such great quality riflescope mount could be so affordable but that is what great brands provide their valued customers with.

TMS Flat Top 1 Piece Ring Mount Picatinny Rails

Although 2-piece ring scope mounts offer the flexibility of adjustability, the TMS Flat Top 1-Piece Ring Mount has the advantage of providing better scope alignment and therefore better accuracy.

The mount boasts of aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction giving it incredible durability. It is hardly possible to find such durable and high-quality single-piece ring mount at such affordable price. You can even use it for tactical purposes.

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The mount fits Picatinny rails incredibly well and its center height rests at a more desired 40mm height. This does not mean you can use it 30mm and 60mm scopes as well. That level of flexibility gives the TMS Flat Top 1-Piece ring mount an edge over most of its competitors.

Even more amazing are the additional accessories to make your shooting even more convenient. Such accessories include ring top, accessory rail as well as hex screw tools.

You should not worry about the usability and performance of this highly competitive scope mount for AR 15. This is because the rings are optimized for scopes with large objective lenses and unit is extremely lightweight.

One drawback is that TMS requires some amount of strength during initial installation to secure the screws tightly. Without proper installation, you can forget about stability.

Vortex Cantilever Ring Mount

As you may aware, all quick detach mounts are great but they are costlier than fixed types. They also rely on the integrity and strength of their locking mechanisms. They also have the problem of wearing out pretty fast.

However, the Vortex Cantilever Ring Mount offers a better compromise. Except for the ring uppers and clamp, the remainder of the mount is single piece adding to the much-desired integrity.

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It is a 3-inch offset type of mount although a 2-inch offset alternative is also available, means the two scope rings are placed 3-inches away from the actual mounting base. This allows for correct eye-relief and perfect head placement on AR 15 rifles.

The Vortex Cantilever is specifically engineered for mounting 30 mm telescopic sights onto flattop style AR-15 rifles.  The mount places the telescopic sight 1.59 inches height from the base to mid-point of the scope tube.

Similar to all high-quality scope mounts, this model feature strong and durable aluminum alloy construction to serve you for years without bowing out.

Each ring features a top cap secured via 4x T15 Torx screws for strength and stability while the base fits any Picatinny rail. The base also comes with an integral recoil lug that attaches to the cross slots in AR 15’s with the flat-top upper receiver.

Nikon M-223 XR Mount

If you own a Nikon M-223 riflescope series then the best mount is to buy is the Nikon M-223 XR. By all standards, it is optimized for use with this series of riflescopes and will give you an admirable performance at an affordable price.

It consists of single-piece rings with multiple cross bolts to fit the rifle’s Picatinny rails perfectly for strength and accuracy.

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Interestingly, the mount features a built-in 20-inch MOA incline ideal for extreme long-range shooting. This offers you extreme rang variations for improved range capability of your AR 15 rifle. The MOA incline also gives the mount the ability to serve tactical purposes.

To be exact, the M-223 XR provides an additional twenty minutes of angle to your riflescope’s elevation adjustment. The mount is made for 1-inch diameter tube scopes.

Most riflescope mount manufacturers aim to keep the weight of their mounts as low as possible to ensure convenience and high performance. The Nikon M-223 XR has succeeded in this regard as it weighs a paltry 8 ounces.

Such lightweight result from lightweight aluminum alloy construction. This material also ensures strength and durability allowing you to use scope mount in even the most adverse conditions without worrying about damage.

How to Choose the Best Scope Mount for AR 15

Owning a AR 15 rifle is the first step. The next step is to find the right riflescope to improve the accuracy and performance of your AR 15. No matter how great the scope is in fulfilling your purposes, it will not do you any good without proper mounting.

The last step, therefore, is to choose the best rifle scope mount in the market for your rifle and scope. Here are the most important considerations in making the choice:

Your Personal Needs

The right question to ask is how many weapons you will use the mount for. In the case of a single weapon, then the best choice would be a fixed scope mount that is compatible with the firearm. It will provide you with stability and sturdiness to improve accuracy.

You can buy universal scope mounts if you have lots of guns and you are not willing to incur the cost of many different mounts. The bottom line is that the mount must be compatible with the gun’s Picatinny rails.

Construction Material

Construction goes hand in hand with weight and durability of any mount. A good AR 15 scope mount should be strong, durable and lightweight in order to be portable and serve for a long period.

The best material in this regard is aluminum. Many different types of aluminum are available for use by manufacturers of these rifle accessories but the highest quality is aircraft grade aluminum. Other aluminum alloys may also be good enough.

Size and Position

Generally, low and small scope mounts are ideal for all categories of ARs. They are usually simple and quick to detach from the rifle.

However, you can improve accuracy and performance of your gun by going with the recommendations of the manufacturer in terms of the best size and position.

1-piece or 2-piece

One-piece mounts are advantageous because you can add height to get your scope into proper as well as a comfortable position on the AR. Besides, the design allows you to push the scope forward over the rifle’s handguard for longer scopes and thereby acquire proper eye-relief.

The 2-piece mounts, on the other hand, are great because of their flexibility. They are also lighter, easier to align and are interchangeable among rifles. Learn more about these features before you make the decision.

How To Mount A Precision Riflescope

Final Verdict

We believe you are satisfied with our in-depth reviews of these great and performance-oriented best scope mounts for AR 15. If you want to make the most out of your AR 15 rifles, be sure to match the gun with an appropriate scope and mount.

Be careful and keen on making your choices lest you end up with inappropriate, incompatible and therefore worthless mount for your favorite rifle. Ease of use, precision, and accuracy are some of the most important guiding factors.

Using the information we have provided in this review, you will more likely find what you have been looking for.

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