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Dreams and Ambitions

Having dreams and ambitions is essential to anyone’s life because it is where motivation and desire comes from. If a person is very clear about his or her ambitions, everything else will follow. It will affect their actions and how they live their daily life. The one crucial thing though is the dream has to be realistic and attainable. For instance, a person cannot say he or she wants to be billionaire at the age of 30 without even starting anything. If the dream is as big as this, it does not happen without any effort or challenges.

Remember that hard work pays off and one of the most important trait a person must have to achieve his or her dreams and ambitions is having a strong will towards that goal. There are setbacks, failures, and rejections along the way, but sticking with that dream is what will make the person successful. Anyone who is able to handle everything while pursuing that dream will achieve big things. Sometimes, intelligence is not everything because if the person is lazy and will not use his or her intelligence will lack experience. On the other hand, a person who works hard but was only an average student, will be knowledgeable in their chosen field. When this happens, the possibility of gaining success by this person is greater than the one who has a higher IQ.

Being courageous, open-minded, determined, wise and practical are some of the traits needed to achieve dreams and ambitions. No matter how much hindrance there is, a motivated person will always find a way to get over setbacks and problems. Inner-weakness is not an option for a person who wants to succeed because there will always be people who will criticize, be jealous, and try to bring the person down.  If he or she is finally getting on track, achieving their goals, there are people who will not like it and will do everything they can to stop the growth of a person. These are the people who should be eliminated from someone’s life. If these kinds of people will be allowed to do what they want just to bring the person down, then they will never stop.

Dreams and ambitions are for anyone, but it takes a lot of gut and strong will to achieve them. Another important trait is patience because if there is none, discouragement can happen. Not everyone’s pace is the same on the road to success because some people only get it later in life. This is why giving up should never be an option because some dreams could be hard to achieve, but not impossible. The most famous and successful people on the planet faced rejection more than 50 times, experienced failure more than 10 times, and had their own crosses to bare. These roadblocks are not meant to kill their dreams, but only to make them stronger and determined. Once they get there, they will be mentally and emotionally ready to address problems that might come their way.

Anyone who wants to achieve their dreams and ambitions should not be stopped and nothing should be allowed to get in their way. Everyone deserves to be successful no matter where they came from or what their current status in life is.

Essay on The Girl of My Dreams Fell for My Best Friend

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Personal Narrative- The Girl of My Dreams Fell for My Best Friend

Have you ever thought that you knew someone better than you knew yourself? Three years ago I met a girl. She was not just any girl, she had a presence about her, a personality that just could not be described correctly with words. I was really intrigued by her, and in the next couple of months we would become really good friends. Rachel had become a confidant, someone who I could trust for advice and guidance no matter what the situation. Rachel seemed too perfect to be true; I really thought that she could be the one that God had intended for me to marry. I truly believed this until I discovered Rachel's true feelings.

Rachel and I have a mutual friend whose…show more content…

We talked for hours on what we thought of each other, a relationship, God, and marriage. I thought that things couldn’t have been any better in my life until I talked to her a couple of days later, when she made comments towards me that seemed exactly the opposite of what she was telling me when we were having that conversation. After that I didn’t know what to think. The only thing that I could do was ponder and pray; I was beginning to feel that she is hiding something from me. I have gone on to discover that we weren’t really as close as I thought that we were.

During Christmas break, I made my way back home and Rachel and I were looking so forward to seeing each others faces again. To my dismay, the first time that I seen Rachel, I could see that she was troubled. I was wondering what was bothering her. I wanted to help, but didn’t know how. I discovered later that Rachel was troubled over me. Rachel had feelings for Anthony, my best friend, but didn’t want to hurt my feelings. She was hiding herself. I was heartbroken. The conversations that we have had were all empty words to her. She said things that she didn’t mean so I wouldn’t feel hurt or neglected. The Rachel that I thought I knew, the Rachel that I feel in love with was all an empty shell, an illusion. I knew it was too good to be true. Regardless of the pain that I have suffered from her I knew that if that is what she truly wanted,

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