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This book is an updated, expanded, and revised version of an earlier one called The PK Zone that came out in 2003, but only covered the research up to the year 2000. The title change is because of a shift in parapsychology away from the older words of "psychokinesis" and "telekinesis" to the more accurate and inclusive "mind-matter interaction." This is because not everything that gets lumped here involves movement (the true meaning of "kinesis"). Thus, in addition to traditional topics such as psychic healing, teleportation, and levitation, there is also the way matter transforms or materializes from nowhere, the body becomes immune to fire, metal layers melt, and humans interact with machines paranormally.

The writing for this book is more casual and with less academic double talk than it was for "The PK Zone." I explain in the introduction that this isn't because I wallow the stories wholesale, but for ease of reading. The quotes mostly gone in the first two-thirds of the book because it was such a nightmare getting all the copyright permissions for "Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?" that I swore never to go through that again. And while it does mean you don't get the flavor of the original tales in their own (sometimes archaic) words, it has the advantage of being easier to read. In addition, I took months converting the citations to unobtrusive endnotes.

Other than an improved style, the biggest change is in the middle section of the book, with the addition of nearly another decade's worth of research. There's all some new older material, as well, thanks to the new online parapsychology library giving me access to material I had not been able to read before. In addition, I added some new topics, such as the materialization or transformation of matter and staring studies (DMILS research) and an extensive index. Finally, the added years have slightly changed how I understand these phenomena.

This book is not for the casual reader. It is unabashedly intended as a textbook, drawing together in one place as best it can all the stories, research (both experimental and experiential) and theories about mind-matter interaction. It is meant to be a complete resource book on mind-matter interaction for your library. Given how much work it was, I do not expect to update it again.

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