Work Breakdown Structure Case Study

22 Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) - download FREE in PDF & Visio

22 Work Breakdown Structure examples! WBS examples for a software project, construction projects, a conference, finding a job, selling a house, planning permission and other real projects. FREE to download in Visio and PDF format.
Breaking down the work is the first stage of project planning and essential for managing project scope. For more background read an introduction to work breakdown structures.

Create your own work breakdown structure online - download a WBS Template to edit online with Mindmeister. Download a WBS Checklist.

Work Breakdown Structure examples from real world Projects

These WBS were created for real world projects by a qualified Project Manager (Prince 2 Practitioner, APM Practioner, MSP Practioner) with over 14 years experience.

Other recommended WBS from real world examples

WBS of Aircraft System

Three level Work Breakdown Structure of an Aircraft System covering. By Mdd at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


Work Breakdown Structure examples from Project Management books

Fulfillment Customer Data Projection WBS

Image from Jack Ferraro, Project Management for Non-Project Managers, Amacon, 2012. Covers Project Management, Regulations, Help desk process remediation, system development and communication.


Work Breakdown Structure examples from Prince 2

Conference Work Breakdown

Using Prince 2 product base planning approach. Covers venue selection, delegate arrangements, publicity, handout pack and structure and format of the day. Image file from Prince 2. Managing Projects with Prince2, 2009, OGC

Conference Mindmap work breakdown structure

Using Prince 2 product based planning approach. Covers conference logistics, venue, attendees, delegate handouts, publicity and speakers. Image file from Prince 2 2009. Managing Projects with Prince2, 2009, OGC

Work Breakdown Structure for stage plan

Prince 2 example for 'ITT' stage plan. Covers business requirements, procurement process information, suppliers, and measurement i..e selection criteria. Image file from Prince 2 2009. Managing Projects with Prince2, 2009, OGC.


Example work breakdown structures - references and further reading

Office of Government Commerce (2009), Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009 Edition, London: TSO.

Rudolf Melik, (2015).The Rise of the Project Workforce: Managing People and Projects in a Flat World, John Wiley & Sons.



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DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)” template file.


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Let’s make a project plan with WBS.


Hi this is Mike Negami, Lean Sigma Black Belt.


In the earlier video, I announced that a new project has begun in the Mentoring Program.  In this episode, we’ll make a project plan. Please click this link and see what this project looks like.


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I always create a WBS first. It makes it easy for me to make a project plan.  If the project has a small scale, the WBS alone works fine as a project plan.  There is a link in this video’s description to download the WBS template. Please click the link and try the template.


  • DOWNLOAD  ← Click this to download the “WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)” template file.


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First type rough milestones for your project. The Kaizen project has a basic framework. That is DMAIC. Consider your milestones along the DMAIC framework.


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That’s been said, here is very important mindset in a Kaizen project in service operations: “You don’t need to use all tools and follow the DMAIC steps unnecessarily, but be creative in order to achieve the projects’ goal.”


A WBS Composition Step by Step


This project is my wife Lara’s improvement project to improve her artwork production business flow.  Usually I would do a current business flow analysis, but since there is no standardized process in her case, we decided to make a new business flow from scratch.  Let’s break down our work on the template.



I’ve typed the milestones here. Since Lean Sigma always starts from VOC (Voice Of Customers), we’ll make a CTQ Tree.  I’ll put “Conduct a CTQ Tree analysis and understand client’s CTQ.” Double-click here. Its Deliverable will also be a “CTQ Tree”.


Next is “Design an ideal business flow.” Deliverables will be the “SIPOC Analysis” and “Value Stream Map.”


Next is “Develop a business operation system with Excel.” You may think, “Can you do such a thing with Excel?” Yes, we can.  I’ll talk about this in the near future. Its Deliverable is also a “Business operation system”.


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Lara’s biggest problem is that her workplace is not maintained organized. I’ll practice Lean’s 5S here. It will be Milestone 4.  Let’s do a little more work decomposition. Always a goal and plan comes first, so Deliverable 1 is “Workplace Layout Map incorporating the new process.”  Next is “Action Plan” and “Equipment shopping list and purchasing”. Deliverable 4 is “Execution of the plan.”


The last milestone is “Train Lara and hand this new operation over to her.”


If this project was on a bigger scale, I would decompose to a deeper layer, “Tasks”, but it’s not necessary because the only Deliverable’s Task Lead is myself.  By the same reasoning, I didn’t make a Gantt Chart.


Unusual requests from my client


I received some unusual requests from my client, such as:  “Don’t commit me to a specific design, ahead of time – that’s not how art works.” This is a tough request because I have to make a process without relying on planning.  Artists and engineers are very different animals. But, It’s very important to understand a project’s constraints at the beginning.  We completed our WBS. We will conduct our project in accordance with this WBS. This is a great start.


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