Isms Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition

The Marketing Science Institute is pleased to announce our annual Alden G. Clayton dissertation proposal competition. The competition is open to qualified doctoral students worldwide who are working on research questions with important marketing, societal, and policy implications. Submissions must be received no later than Monday, August 7, 2017 through the MSI online submittable portal (see link below). MSI will grant up to five awards, and each winner will receive an unrestricted cash prize of $5,000. Honorable mention awards may also be granted. Awards for 2017 will be announced in January 2018.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Students should be candidates for the doctorate in marketing and related fields (e.g., psychology, economics, management, strategy, etc.).

  • The dissertation work must be less than 50% completed at the time of submission. The thesis advisor/chair must submit a letter approving the submission and certifying that the dissertation was no more than 50% completed at the time of submission (found in requirements below).

  • Participation in other grant or award programs does not preclude consideration for this award.

Instructions for submission:

  • For blind reviewing purposes, please remove any identifying information (name, school, etc.) from the proposal document and remove any metadata.

  • Please enter a valid email address for your thesis adviser/chair so they are able to upload their letter properly.

  • Proposals should include a brief statement of the problem area to be researched, relevant theory and hypotheses, the methodology and analyses to be employed, and a brief indicative bibliography. Comment also on the managerial relevance of the expected results.

  • Maximum submission length is 20 double-spaced pages, inclusive of all tables/exhibits and references. The first page should be a brief, self-contained summary of the proposal.

Experienced marketing academics will judge submissions on their potential contribution to business and academia, quality of the conceptual development, feasibility, and appropriateness of methodology, and creativity.

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Marketing PhD Student Recognition

We have a commitment to developing a strong doctoral program and recognizing the outstanding contributions of our doctoral students. An indication of this commitment is the institution of the Doctoral Student Teaching Excellence Award and the Doctoral Student Research Excellence Award. Each year, winners receive a plaque and a cash award at the bi-annual Mays faculty and staff meeting.

The following is a selective list of recently recognized Ph.D. students:

External awards

  • 2015 – Gautham G. Vadakkepatt has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Marketing Science Institute / H. Paul Root Award for the article “A Meta-Analysis of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Elasticity,” which appeared in the March 2015 (Volume 79, Number 2) issue of Journal of Marketing, co-authored with Ya You and Amit M. Joshi.
  • 2015 – Krista Li – Academy of Marketing Science Mary Kay dissertation proposal award – finalist
  • 2015 – Tarun Kushwaha – Finalist for the Donald R. Lehmann Award for the Best Dissertation-based Article to be published in the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research
  • 2014 – Nicole Hanson – Winner in the ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition
  • 2014 – Nooshin Lotfi – EMAC Best Paper of the Conference Based on a Doctoral Dissertation
  • 2014 – Nooshin Lotfi – Runner-up in the PDMA Consortium Speed Funding Dissertation Competition
  • 2010 – Jeff Meyer, Fisher IMS and AMA SERVSIG Best Dissertation Proposal Award
  • 2009 – Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, Finalist, ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition
  • 2009 – Jeff Meyer, Winner, Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Alden Clayton Dissertation Award
  • 2009 – Jeff Meyer, Finalist, ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition
  • 2008 – Sujan Dan, Winner, ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Competition
  • 2008 – Sujan Dan, Winner, PDMA Best Dissertation Proposal Award
  • 2008 – Thomas Dotzel, Finalist, ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition
  • 2008 – Gautham Gopal, Doctoral Dissertation Research Award, Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship
  • 2007 – Mona Srivastava, Finalist, IEBW Excellence in Ethics: Dissertation Proposal Competition
  • 2006 – Thomas Dotzel, Recipient, Liam Glynn/ASU Center for Services Leadership Research Award, awarded by the AMA Services Marketing Special Interest Group
  • 2006 – Kartik Kalaignanam, Winner, PDMA Best Dissertation Proposal Award
  • 2005 – Kartik Kalaignanam, Finalist, ISBM Doctoral Dissertation Competition
  • 2005 – Tarun Kushwaha, Honorable Mention, Levy and Weitz Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition
  • 2005 – Tarun Kushwaha, Finalist, eBRC Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition

University-level Awards

  • 2009 – Thomas Dotzel, Association of Former Students’ Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award
  • 2009 – Thomas Dotzel, Phil Gramm Fellowship, Texas A&M University

Doctoral Student Research Excellence Award

  • 2015 – Nooshin Warren
  • 2014 – Krista Li
  • 2013– Scott Davis
  • 2009 – Gautham Gopal
  • 2008 – Jeff Meyer
  • 2007 – Thomas Dotzel
  • 2006 – Kartik Kalaignanam
  • 2005 – Tarun Kushwaha

Doctoral Student Teaching Excellence Award

  • 2015 – Joon Ho Lim
  • 2014 – Krista Li
  • 2013 – MJ Kim
  • 2012 – Mike Lowe
  • 2010 – Ying Zhu
  • 2009 – Jeff Meyer
  • 2008 – Gautham Gopal
  • 2007 – Thomas Dotzel
  • 2006 – Tarun Kushwaha
  • 2005 – Ann Mirabito

American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium Representative

  • 2015 – Larisa Ertekin
  • 2015 – Nooshin Lotfi Warren
  • 2014 – Krista Li
  • 2013 – Nicole Hanson
  • 2012 – Mike Lowe
  • 2011 – Zixia Cao
  • 2010 – Ying Zhu
  • 2009 – Gautham Gopal
  • 2008 – Jeff Meyer
  • 2007 – Thomas Dotzel
  • 2006 – Tarun Kushwaha
  • 2005 – Kartik Kalaignanam

In addition to these awards, the department nominates students annually for the INFORMS ISMS Doctoral Consortium, PDMA Doctoral Consortium, AMS Doctoral Consortium and other prestigious both at the university and national level.

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